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Another kind of cookie

Another kind of cookie

Posted Nov 1, 2008 12:43 UTC (Sat) by ssam (guest, #46587)
Parent article: Another kind of cookie

if you can manage without flash, that the best option. if i hit a site that needs i just apt-get it, and then remove it afterwards.

if 99% of web browsers report that then have flash installed, then web developers will use it. if a people that did not like flash uninstalled, it the web would have less flash.

for youtube i use totem, but miro or elisa also work.

(if you have flash block, you browser still reports to the site that flash is installed)

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Another kind of cookie

Posted Nov 25, 2008 0:52 UTC (Tue) by jasonspiro (guest, #38047) [Link]

ssam wrote:

> if you have flash block, [your] browser still reports to the site that flash is installed

You can use Firefox 3's new plugin manager to disable Flash without restarting Firefox. To do so, click Tools > Add-ons > Plugins > [plugin name] > Disable. After you do that, does Firefox still report to webmasters that Flash is installed? (I'm currently on a shared PC running Firefox 2, and I don't want to disturb anything, so I don't want to check.)

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