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What about a "present working directory" for Nautlius then?

What about a "present working directory" for Nautlius then?

Posted Oct 30, 2008 11:40 UTC (Thu) by epa (subscriber, #39769)
In reply to: What about a "present working directory" for Nautlius then? by grantingram
Parent article: Directions for GNOME 3.0

But would you get to 90% of a solution by having open and save dialogs communicate with the file manger? That way if you had saved an image to ~/work/somerandomname a moment ago the GIMP would by default look for files in ~/work/somerandomname? rather than where you last worked with the GIMP?
A very good idea.

But take a step back and consider why does the GIMP or any other application need a 'File Open' dialogue box at all? Why does it need its own crippled little file manager duplicating the desktop's file manager? To open a file, it would be simpler to just open the directory using the ordinary file manager and then double-click the file or drag it onto the GIMP's icon in the panel.

In single-tasking environments of course an application needs its own filepicker. But why bother with it now? A list of recently opened files (or the directories containing them) would be a convenience. Otherwise, let each program do one thing well - use the file manager to navigate through files.

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