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Posted Oct 30, 2008 7:38 UTC (Thu) by eru (subscriber, #2753)
In reply to: Directions for GNOME 3.0 by paulmfoster
Parent article: Directions for GNOME 3.0

Regarding the journal view of files, I hope no one ever forces me into this.

Yes, it should just be an alternative, but I can see why it would be very useful. I find myself using my email box like this.

Would you file things in an office strictly by time? Users who can't remember where they put things are simply lacking the discipline of using a filesystem.

By-time is a very useful default ordering, when you don't have the time or inclination to explicitly classify (again as a personal example, in a large directory I find my myself hitting "ls -ltr" frequently). It is also the case that most things (of course not all) become less relevant over time. So looking back in the journal you can more easily see items you want to classify somewhere else, and others that you can just as well delete.

So yes, I think the idea is great.

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