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Posted Oct 3, 2008 4:00 UTC (Fri) by corbet (editor, #1)
In reply to: Low-level tracing plumbing by ndk
Parent article: Low-level tracing plumbing

In fact, the value stored in len has indeed been right-shifted by two bits. It needs to be left-shifted to be interpreted. Apologies if I wrote it in a way that was less than entirely clear, but I believe it was correct.

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Posted Oct 3, 2008 18:53 UTC (Fri) by ndk (subscriber, #43509) [Link]

Yep, I misread what you wrote.


Posted Oct 10, 2008 20:46 UTC (Fri) by sethml (guest, #8471) [Link]

It depends on what the meaning of "is" is. :)

Something like "the len field contains the length with the two lowest bits lopped off" would
be clearer.

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