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Xiph.Org Foundation releases libSpiff 1.0.0

From:  Sebastian Pipping <>
Subject:  Xiph.Org Foundation releases libSpiff 1.0.0
Date:  Tue, 23 Sep 2008 19:10:33 +0200
Message-ID:  <>

Hello LWN!

Would be great if you could make a news post from this:

Xiph.Org Foundation releases libSpiff 1.0.0
After two years of continuous development libSpiff [1] 1.0.0 has
been released [2].  libSpiff is the official reference implementation
for XSPF [3] by the Xiph.Org Foundation [4], which brought Open Media
formats like Vorbis, Flac and Speex to life.

XSPF is their take on building a playlist format.
As Lucas Gonze realized in his <Survey of playlist formats> [5]
"[.. playlists] fail to excite the imagination of many people [..]",
although at the same time they see value in concepts that build on
the idea of a playlist: best-of-albums and the set of ratings they
feed into their media player directly or indirectly over time.

XSPF tries to open up for today's applications of playlists like
content resolution - think listening to the same music without having
access to the same files - while at the same time providing a solid
and extensible Free and Open Standard playlist format denominator for
present and future media players to build upon.

libSpiff implements reading and writing of XSPF files and can act both
as a scrict validator or as a loose interpreter, so end users do not
have to suffer from the invalidity of playlists found on the web.
Currently, libSpiff powers XSPF handling in Herrie [6], OpenMoko's media
player [7] and foo_xspf [8] - an XSPF plugin for Foobar2000 [9].

At [10] there is an open task to implement XSPF support
using libSpiff in Songbird [11] with a current raise of 1,000.
Something for you?


Thanks in advance,


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