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Whats in kerneloops.git for 2.6.28

From:  Arjan van de Ven <>
Subject:  Whats in kerneloops.git for 2.6.28
Date:  Sat, 20 Sep 2008 11:05:09 -0700
Message-ID:  <>

The kerneloops.git tree is a (small) tree that contains patches that help give better results by improving the diagnostics output
of the Linux kernel.

Updating linus
The following changes since commit 9824b8f11373b0df806c135a342da9319ef1d893:
  Linus Torvalds (1):
        Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

are available in the git repository at:

  git:// master

Arjan van de Ven (5):
      procfs: use WARN() rather than printk+backtrace
      fs: add a sanity check in d_free
      debug: Introduce a dev_WARN() function
      debug: use dev_WARN() rather than WARN_ON() in device_pm_add()
      usb: turn dev_warn+WARN_ON combos into dev_WARN

 drivers/base/power/main.c |    2 +-
 drivers/usb/host/uhci-q.c |   24 ++++++++----------------
 fs/dcache.c               |    1 +
 fs/proc/generic.c         |    3 +--
 include/linux/device.h    |    8 ++++++++
 5 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)

Arjan van de Ven 	Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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