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Fedora distributes new keys

Fedora distributes new keys

Posted Sep 12, 2008 9:27 UTC (Fri) by russell (guest, #10458)
In reply to: Fedora distributes new keys by pjones
Parent article: Fedora distributes new keys

Open content is even more contentious than open source software. There is a large quantity of opposition to keeping information free. Persecution and prosecution of people who work to keep informed content free continues. Because of the danger of self-censorship in a closed or partially open format, it is safer to work entirely in the open.

This snippet of text is taken directly from the Steering Committees charter.

I have no doubt that they believe they are being responsible. But they are also being exclusive.

Time will tell if this really is an animal farm scenario. Right now it certainly feels like it.

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Fedora distributes new keys

Posted Sep 13, 2008 0:29 UTC (Sat) by jspaleta (subscriber, #50639) [Link]

To be clear... that is a quote from the Fedora Documentation sub-project's Steering Committee Charter. And it is not a quote from the Fedora Board, nor from the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee, nor from Fedora Infrastructure.

I'm pretty sure that the Fedora Documentation Team aren't directly involved in the incident handling, so a close reading of their charter is probably unwarranted. And even if someone were to read it looking for insight, there probably very little there that can be used the context for the discussion at hand, since the documentation group isn't directly involved.

When we have an incident response plan, I'll do my best to make sure that that Documentation Group has an opportunity to be a part of the process of documenting that plan for public consumption.


Fedora distributes new keys

Posted Sep 13, 2008 6:01 UTC (Sat) by russell (guest, #10458) [Link]

My mistake, I thought it was the fedora steering committee charter ( documented by the Docs project ).

Doing a search for more charters showed very little else. However, when reading about the board I noticed a mailing list where some things are discussed in private. I didn't expect to see that. What sort of things would those be? This appears to be something that the Docs project wouldn't do? So what exactly are the rules of this community? Something clearing defined and easy to find would be nice if not essential for a community.

Fedora distributes new keys

Posted Sep 14, 2008 11:35 UTC (Sun) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946) [Link]

Legal issues for instance might be discussed by the Fedora Board in a private list. Documentation team doesn't have the need for that. The Fedora Board wiki page has the details.

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