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Kernel security, year to date

Kernel security, year to date

Posted Sep 11, 2008 16:02 UTC (Thu) by pdundas (guest, #15203)
In reply to: Kernel security, year to date by PaXTeam
Parent article: Kernel security, year to date

> why does something have to be in mainline to benefit everyone?

It doesn't have to be in mainline to benefit everyone.
But putting fixes in mainline DOES benefit everyone.
Putting them anywhere else only benefits a subset of users.

> > Expecting kernel developers to go to the PaX team
> > begging for their patch is not the way mainline
> > development works.

> any source for this (rather silly, i might add)
> allegiation? last time i checked, the PaX patches
> were out there freely available to everyone.

I think you're missing the point he was making.

If you want patches to go into mainline (and we just saw
that is A Good Thing (TM)), then Someone (TM) has to
submit that patch.

Possibly developing and testing their own code and
reviewing submissions keeps mainline kernel devs
quite busy. They may not have all that much time for
scouring the net for potentially useful patches.

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