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Kernel security, year to date

Kernel security, year to date

Posted Sep 9, 2008 22:13 UTC (Tue) by drag (subscriber, #31333)
In reply to: Kernel security, year to date by spender
Parent article: Kernel security, year to date

> You, as in, you Linux users (who read this site

Your talking to imaginary people. So stop it.

This is a obvious effort to continue some flame war with people you've forgotten the names of (or your trying not to be so obvious)) and your hoping that they'll pick up the bait and start arguing with you again.

You have important things to say (in fact, your essentially agreeing with the person that wrote the article, BTW), but your clouding your message with this silliness. Trying to pick fights is a waste of everybody's time and is putting you off-message. In other words; your trying to start a flame war. If your post lacked content then I would not have hesitated to label you a 'troll' and wouldn't be talking to you right now.

(I am assuming your trying to impress on everybody the need for higher coding review standards in the kernel, which is a worthy thing)

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