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Release 3.0 Feature Freeze!

From:  Paul Louden <>
To:  Rockbox <>, Rockbox development <>
Subject:  Release 3.0 Feature Freeze!
Date:  Fri, 15 Aug 2008 19:10:04 -0500
Message-ID:  <48A61ADC.8040402@gmailcom>
Archive-link:  Article

Alright everybody. It's time. Rockbox is now going into feature freeze 
for release 3.0.

There are a few things to be aware of:

First: Version 3.0 will not have any new unannounced features. Take the 
daily build from today, (hopefully) subtract any bugs we can fix from 
it, and those are the features 3.0 will have. 3.0 is an upgrade from 
2.5, not an upgrade from "what you can get right now."

As well: We need help. Anyone and everyone willing to should attempt to 
confirm bug reports in the tracker (especially those marked as due in 
3.0) and provide more information for tracking down or fixing these 
bugs. As well documentation needs improvement so this is a general call 
to arms for any and all improvements offered to the manual. Again, post 
these to the patch tracker. If you don't know LaTeX then just copy the 
text from the manual, edit it, upload the edited version, and note in 
the patch tracker which manual and exactly which section it comes from.

We hope to have a release version 3.0 out within a couple (as in two) 
weeks. If you have any specific questions relating to the release, 
please reply to this thread. At the moment we're still discussing one or 
two targets but, generally, nearly all of the targets that have builds 
on the daily build page should be included in this release.

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