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Linux 3.0?

Linux 3.0?

Posted Sep 5, 2008 8:23 UTC (Fri) by yodermk (subscriber, #3803)
Parent article: Linux 3.0?

Any chance of also cleaning up some parts of the public API that are sub-optimal, breaking user space compatibility?

Seems like that could be a good idea at some point.

In that case, 2.6 would need at least basic maintenance for at least 10 years.

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Linux 3.0?

Posted Sep 6, 2008 14:45 UTC (Sat) by addw (guest, #1771) [Link]

Breaking userland API is bad.

How about changing the ELF magic number in some way to bring in a compatability layer ? OK: this does somewhat defeat the object, but all the depricated API could be kept in one module (hopefully rarely loaded).
This would allow old binaries to run.

I suspect that most programs would be OK on a recompile, only a few would genuinely break since they rely on really old/removed bits of the kernel API.

What do we do about bits of /proc that change ?

It would be nice if some kind of warning message could be generated in advance so that we would know what would break.

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