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TALPA strides forward

TALPA strides forward

Posted Aug 28, 2008 10:29 UTC (Thu) by NAR (subscriber, #1313)
In reply to: TALPA strides forward by drag
Parent article: TALPA strides forward

I believe the filesystem used by ClearCase does something similar.

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TALPA strides forward

Posted Aug 28, 2008 15:50 UTC (Thu) by pflugstad (subscriber, #224) [Link]

Clearcase requires explicit check-in/out else others won't see your changes. At least if you're in different views. And if multiple people are working in the same view, you should be shot.

TALPA strides forward

Posted Aug 28, 2008 16:01 UTC (Thu) by NAR (subscriber, #1313) [Link]

I meant the you could have your local copy, but have it alert you if a file your writing too has already been changed by another person part - the dynamic view in ClearCase lets me have a local copy (as long as I've checked out the file) and will alert at checkin that the file was changed. The other (not checked out) files are automatically updated (i.e. colaberate with other people real-time).

On the other hand, even vim alerts me, if an opened file is changed on the disk...

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