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GeekPAC to fight for information rights

GeekPAC to fight for information rights

Posted Aug 16, 2008 13:15 UTC (Sat) by N0NB (guest, #3407)
Parent article: GeekPAC to fight for information rights

Lovely.  Just what we need, another special interest group on Capitol Hill adding to the
noise.  Unfortunately, since those who would and do restrict information access already have
their own lobbies, a special interest group focusing on information freedom is a necessary
evil.  Sigh.

I'm not opposed to the premise and I hope success is realized.  Unfortunately, Of the People
has been replaced by Of the Special Interest Group far too much the past 40 to 50 years as it
seems as those in power respond less to the wishes of their constituents and more toward those
who can grease their palms.  It's an unsavory situation.

On to the name.  While GeekPAC isn't necessarily off-putting to me, I do agree that if the
support of the general public is desired, then there needs to be some way to jar the thought
process toward their daily life.  While closed file formats and copy protections are ornerous
for developers and IT staff, right now the biggest audience for the PAC is the person who
simply would like to time shift HD video content using the DVR of their choice.
Unfortunately, cable and satellite TV providers are locking their customers into their own
proprietary DVRs some of which seem quite inferior to others.  

Also, beyond just being a PAC, the group should look into allegations of providers ignoring
FCC rules regarding Firewire activation (as posted to Slashdot yesterday: ) and pressure congress into
pressuring the FCC into enforcement of their own rules.  Another thing this group can do is
become a leading voice against enactment of the broadcast flag.  Becoming an advocate for the
public's fair use rights with regard to HD content will garner the PAC the largest base of
support from the general public.  So, I think the PAC's name must be attractive and
descriptive to this large segment of the public for the widest possible base of support.

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