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A kernel message catalog

A kernel message catalog

Posted Aug 8, 2008 11:50 UTC (Fri) by jamesh (guest, #1159)
In reply to: A kernel message catalog by JohnNilsson
Parent article: A kernel message catalog

So if a spelling or grammar error gets missed, the message can't be fixed without breaking
(possibly printed) documentation?  That doesn't sound like an improvement.

That said, if there is a way of getting rid of the IDs entirely it might be worth pursuing.
Not having to maintain message IDs is one of the reasons why gettext won over competing message
translation frameworks.

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A kernel message catalog

Posted Aug 8, 2008 13:41 UTC (Fri) by JohnNilsson (guest, #41242) [Link]

One could always maintain a mapping between id's that are the same. But yeah, that probably
isn't much of an improvement.

A kernel message catalog

Posted Aug 8, 2008 20:10 UTC (Fri) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954) [Link]

Of all the code changes that break the documentation, grammar and typo corrections will be an insignificant minority.

There's no need to do something fancy like a hash -- just use the literal format string as the identifier. It's already in the documentation code anyway.

Another idea, more searchable than actual text but less of a development PITA than a number: an alphanumeric message ID. Have the macro turn it into a name that would make the compilation fail if it isn't unique.

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