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A kernel message catalog

A kernel message catalog

Posted Aug 7, 2008 23:15 UTC (Thu) by vomlehn (subscriber, #45588)
In reply to: A kernel message catalog by dark
Parent article: A kernel message catalog

Yes, that would work, but note we are now raising the bar for kernel development. Rather than
just slamming out any old message in a printk, kernel developers will now need to carefully
consider the associated English (or Chinese or Klingon) text of the expanded message. I'd like
to believe that we can do this, but I'm concerned that past history suggests we are not that
good at this kind of thing. I see lots of reluctance from people to put many comments in code
based on how rarely they get updated when the code changes.

Note that I think that having good kernel error messages is a *very* good thing. But it's
harder than what we've been doing and I think doing it half-way may very well be worse than
not doing it all.

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A kernel message catalog

Posted Aug 8, 2008 8:23 UTC (Fri) by dark (guest, #8483) [Link]

I think doing it half-way would still be an improvement, if the effect is that googling for "xpram.1" will always bring up relevant pages :)

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