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Posted Aug 7, 2008 10:17 UTC (Thu) by Los__D (guest, #15263)
Parent article: Kernel Hacker's Bookshelf: The Practice of Programming

I don't know if you tried this before, but with great reviews like this, I'd have no problem
clicking a "Place order with Amazon" or something like that, giving you some referral money.

Maybe have a few options to differing parts of the world, i.e., I can't use the American, because I'd have to pay both American and European taxes then, so I always use (I'm from Denmark).

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Posted Aug 7, 2008 11:29 UTC (Thu) by rvfh (subscriber, #31018) [Link]

Actually, after reading a few lines of the article (including the author's name), I went
straight to and ordered the book.

I always find Val Henson's articles excellent, and the comments above just seem to
confirm her high opinion of the book. I'll soon have my own opinion of it ;-)

Thanks Val and all LWN commentators for such a great knowledge and experience
sharing. How can one live without LWN?


Posted Aug 7, 2008 12:34 UTC (Thu) by corbet (editor, #1) [Link]

Many years ago, we had that kind of Amazon link. It never made all that much money, then we ended up pulling those links when the one-click patent stuff hit. One wonders if it might not be worth retrying at some point.


Posted Aug 7, 2008 13:54 UTC (Thu) by bangert (subscriber, #28342) [Link]

bookzilla in germany (append .de) doesnt hand out referral money, but 
donates a good deal of money to the free software foundation europe.


Posted Aug 7, 2008 16:44 UTC (Thu) by nicolas@jungers (subscriber, #7579) [Link]

I don't buy from Amazon since the one-click patent, but the link may be useful for the more

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