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The lockless page cache

The lockless page cache

Posted Aug 3, 2008 0:00 UTC (Sun) by Nick (guest, #15060)
In reply to: The lockless page cache by intgr
Parent article: The lockless page cache

I would be surprised if there was anything too noticeable for desktop types of workloads,
the nice thing about these patches is that they actually speed up single threaded performance
well as improve scalability.

Here is my justification to have them merged, which includes some numbers:

For server workloads using threads and direct IO, there should be some improvement at even 2
or 4 
cores. The OLTP database workload that gained nearly 10% throughput was run on a 2s/8c system,

so a 4 core system should see a few %.

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Performance booster ?

Posted Oct 15, 2008 5:50 UTC (Wed) by RTT (guest, #54698) [Link]

What if instead there were multiple page files for each core.

And plus, what if each of those page file is on a separate SAS hard disk ?

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