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Posted Jul 24, 2008 16:25 UTC (Thu) by joeytsai (guest, #3480)
Parent article: Ubuntu, security response, and community contributions

I love how a paragraph begins with:

"It is rather easy to make sweeping statements..."

Then ends with:

"...part of a fairly pervasive perception that Ubuntu and Canonical are not contributing very
much back to the community."

The article does a decent job of illustrating how Ubuntu does not contribute to the kernel,
but to say Ubuntu doesn't contribute much to the community is not fair.  The kernel is only
one part of the puzzle, a part that already has plenty of attention.  Say what you want about
Ubuntu (I don't use it), but the fact is they pay people to contribute to free software.  They
distribute a decent distribution on a regular schedule and support it without cost.  They have
a thriving community.  Etc.

There may be many downsides to the arrival of Shuttleworth / Ubuntu / Canonical, but on the
whole I think what they've brought to the table far outweighs them.  Therefore, I thank them
for their effort.  Of course they can improve, and I hope they do.  But even if they don't -
I'll never be part of this "fairly pervasive" perception that they don't contribute.

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