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This is Documentation/video4linux/gspca.txt, as found in the mainline repository prior to the 2.6.27-rc1 release.

List of the webcams know by gspca.

The modules are:
	gspca_main	main driver
	gspca_xxxx	subdriver module with xxxx as follows

xxxx		vend:prod
spca501		0000:0000	MystFromOri Unknow Camera
spca501		040a:0002	Kodak DVC-325
spca500		040a:0300	Kodak EZ200
zc3xx		041e:041e	Creative WebCam Live!
spca500		041e:400a	Creative PC-CAM 300
sunplus		041e:400b	Creative PC-CAM 600
sunplus		041e:4012	PC-Cam350
sunplus		041e:4013	Creative Pccam750
zc3xx		041e:4017	Creative Webcam Mobile PD1090
spca508		041e:4018	Creative Webcam Vista (PD1100)
spca561		041e:401a	Creative Webcam Vista (PD1100)
zc3xx		041e:401c	Creative NX
spca505		041e:401d	Creative Webcam NX ULTRA
zc3xx		041e:401e	Creative Nx Pro
zc3xx		041e:401f	Creative Webcam Notebook PD1171
pac207		041e:4028	Creative Webcam Vista Plus
zc3xx		041e:4029	Creative WebCam Vista Pro
zc3xx		041e:4034	Creative Instant P0620
zc3xx		041e:4035	Creative Instant P0620D
zc3xx		041e:4036	Creative Live !
zc3xx		041e:403a	Creative Nx Pro 2
spca561		041e:403b	Creative Webcam Vista (VF0010)
zc3xx		041e:4051	Creative Live!Cam Notebook Pro (VF0250)
ov519		041e:4052	Creative Live! VISTA IM
zc3xx		041e:4053	Creative Live!Cam Video IM
ov519		041e:405f	Creative Live! VISTA VF0330
ov519		041e:4060	Creative Live! VISTA VF0350
ov519		041e:4061	Creative Live! VISTA VF0400
ov519		041e:4064	Creative Live! VISTA VF0420
ov519		041e:4068	Creative Live! VISTA VF0470
spca561		0458:7004	Genius VideoCAM Express V2
sunplus		0458:7006	Genius Dsc 1.3 Smart
zc3xx		0458:7007	Genius VideoCam V2
zc3xx		0458:700c	Genius VideoCam V3
zc3xx		0458:700f	Genius VideoCam Web V2
sonixj		0458:7025	Genius Eye 311Q
sonixj		045e:00f5	MicroSoft VX3000
sonixj		045e:00f7	MicroSoft VX1000
ov519		045e:028c	Micro$oft xbox cam
spca508		0461:0815	Micro Innovation IC200
sunplus		0461:0821	Fujifilm MV-1
zc3xx		0461:0a00	MicroInnovation WebCam320
spca500		046d:0890	Logitech QuickCam traveler
vc032x		046d:0892	Logitech Orbicam
vc032x		046d:0896	Logitech Orbicam
zc3xx		046d:08a0	Logitech QC IM
zc3xx		046d:08a1	Logitech QC IM 0x08A1 +sound
zc3xx		046d:08a2	Labtec Webcam Pro
zc3xx		046d:08a3	Logitech QC Chat
zc3xx		046d:08a6	Logitech QCim
zc3xx		046d:08a7	Logitech QuickCam Image
zc3xx		046d:08a9	Logitech Notebook Deluxe
zc3xx		046d:08aa	Labtec Webcam  Notebook
zc3xx		046d:08ac	Logitech QuickCam Cool
zc3xx		046d:08ad	Logitech QCCommunicate STX
zc3xx		046d:08ae	Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks
zc3xx		046d:08af	Logitech QuickCam Cool
zc3xx		046d:08b9	Logitech QC IM ???
zc3xx		046d:08d7	Logitech QCam STX
zc3xx		046d:08d9	Logitech QuickCam IM/Connect
zc3xx		046d:08d8	Logitech Notebook Deluxe
zc3xx		046d:08da	Logitech QuickCam Messenger
zc3xx		046d:08dd	Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks
spca500		046d:0900	Logitech Inc. ClickSmart 310
spca500		046d:0901	Logitech Inc. ClickSmart 510
sunplus		046d:0905	Logitech ClickSmart 820
tv8532		046d:0920	QC Express
tv8532		046d:0921	Labtec Webcam
spca561		046d:0928	Logitech QC Express Etch2
spca561		046d:0929	Labtec Webcam Elch2
spca561		046d:092a	Logitech QC for Notebook
spca561		046d:092b	Labtec Webcam Plus
spca561		046d:092c	Logitech QC chat Elch2
spca561		046d:092d	Logitech QC Elch2
spca561		046d:092e	Logitech QC Elch2
spca561		046d:092f	Logitech QC Elch2
sunplus		046d:0960	Logitech ClickSmart 420
sunplus		0471:0322	Philips DMVC1300K
zc3xx		0471:0325	Philips SPC 200 NC
zc3xx		0471:0326	Philips SPC 300 NC
sonixj		0471:0327	Philips SPC 600 NC
sonixj		0471:0328	Philips SPC 700 NC
zc3xx		0471:032d	Philips spc210nc
zc3xx		0471:032e	Philips spc315nc
sonixj		0471:0330	Philips SPC 710NC
spca501		0497:c001	Smile International
sunplus		04a5:3003	Benq DC 1300
sunplus		04a5:3008	Benq DC 1500
sunplus		04a5:300a	Benq DC3410
spca500		04a5:300c	Benq DC1016
sunplus		04f1:1001	JVC GC A50
spca561		04fc:0561	Flexcam 100
sunplus		04fc:500c	Sunplus CA500C
sunplus		04fc:504a	Aiptek Mini PenCam 1.3
sunplus		04fc:504b	Maxell MaxPocket LE 1.3
sunplus		04fc:5330	Digitrex 2110
sunplus		04fc:5360	Sunplus Generic
spca500		04fc:7333	PalmPixDC85
sunplus		04fc:ffff	Pure DigitalDakota
spca501		0506:00df	3Com HomeConnect Lite
sunplus		052b:1513	Megapix V4
tv8532		0545:808b	Veo Stingray
tv8532		0545:8333	Veo Stingray
sunplus		0546:3155	Polaroid PDC3070
sunplus		0546:3191	Polaroid Ion 80
sunplus		0546:3273	Polaroid PDC2030
ov519		054c:0154	Sonny toy4
ov519		054c:0155	Sonny toy5
zc3xx		055f:c005	Mustek Wcam300A
spca500		055f:c200	Mustek Gsmart 300
sunplus		055f:c211	Kowa Bs888e Microcamera
spca500		055f:c220	Gsmart Mini
sunplus		055f:c230	Mustek Digicam 330K
sunplus		055f:c232	Mustek MDC3500
sunplus		055f:c360	Mustek DV4000 Mpeg4
sunplus		055f:c420	Mustek gSmart Mini 2
sunplus		055f:c430	Mustek Gsmart LCD 2
sunplus		055f:c440	Mustek DV 3000
sunplus		055f:c520	Mustek gSmart Mini 3
sunplus		055f:c530	Mustek Gsmart LCD 3
sunplus		055f:c540	Gsmart D30
sunplus		055f:c630	Mustek MDC4000
sunplus		055f:c650	Mustek MDC5500Z
zc3xx		055f:d003	Mustek WCam300A
zc3xx		055f:d004	Mustek WCam300 AN
conex		0572:0041	Creative Notebook cx11646
ov519		05a9:0519	OmniVision
ov519		05a9:0530	OmniVision
ov519		05a9:4519	OmniVision
ov519		05a9:8519	OmniVision
sunplus		05da:1018	Digital Dream Enigma 1.3
stk014		05e1:0893	Syntek DV4000
spca561		060b:a001	Maxell Compact Pc PM3
zc3xx		0698:2003	CTX M730V built in
spca500		06bd:0404	Agfa CL20
spca500		06be:0800	Optimedia
sunplus		06d6:0031	Trust 610 LCD PowerC@m Zoom
spca506		06e1:a190	ADS Instant VCD
spca508		0733:0110	ViewQuest VQ110
spca508		0130:0130	Clone Digital Webcam 11043
spca501		0733:0401	Intel Create and Share
spca501		0733:0402	ViewQuest M318B
spca505		0733:0430	Intel PC Camera Pro
sunplus		0733:1311	Digital Dream Epsilon 1.3
sunplus		0733:1314	Mercury 2.1MEG Deluxe Classic Cam
sunplus		0733:2211	Jenoptik jdc 21 LCD
sunplus		0733:2221	Mercury Digital Pro 3.1p
sunplus		0733:3261	Concord 3045 spca536a
sunplus		0733:3281	Cyberpix S550V
spca506		0734:043b	3DeMon USB Capture aka
spca500		084d:0003	D-Link DSC-350
spca500		08ca:0103	Aiptek PocketDV
sunplus		08ca:0104	Aiptek PocketDVII 1.3
sunplus		08ca:0106	Aiptek Pocket DV3100+
sunplus		08ca:2008	Aiptek Mini PenCam 2 M
sunplus		08ca:2010	Aiptek PocketCam 3M
sunplus		08ca:2016	Aiptek PocketCam 2 Mega
sunplus		08ca:2018	Aiptek Pencam SD 2M
sunplus		08ca:2020	Aiptek Slim 3000F
sunplus		08ca:2022	Aiptek Slim 3200
sunplus		08ca:2024	Aiptek DV3500 Mpeg4
sunplus		08ca:2028	Aiptek PocketCam4M
sunplus		08ca:2040	Aiptek PocketDV4100M
sunplus		08ca:2042	Aiptek PocketDV5100
sunplus		08ca:2050	Medion MD 41437
sunplus		08ca:2060	Aiptek PocketDV5300
tv8532		0923:010f	ICM532 cams
mars		093a:050f	Mars-Semi Pc-Camera
pac207		093a:2460	PAC207 Qtec Webcam 100
pac207		093a:2463	Philips spc200nc pac207
pac207		093a:2464	Labtec Webcam 1200
pac207		093a:2468	PAC207
pac207		093a:2470	Genius GF112
pac207		093a:2471	PAC207 Genius VideoCam ge111
pac207		093a:2472	PAC207 Genius VideoCam ge110
pac7311		093a:2600	PAC7311 Typhoon
pac7311		093a:2601	PAC7311 Phillips SPC610NC
pac7311		093a:2603	PAC7312
pac7311		093a:2608	PAC7311 Trust WB-3300p
pac7311		093a:260e	PAC7311 Gigaware VGA PC Camera, Trust WB-3350p, SIGMA cam 2350
pac7311		093a:260f	PAC7311 SnakeCam
pac7311		093a:2621	PAC731x
zc3xx		0ac8:0302	Z-star Vimicro zc0302
vc032x		0ac8:0321	Vimicro generic vc0321
vc032x		0ac8:0323	Vimicro Vc0323
vc032x		0ac8:0328	A4Tech PK-130MG
zc3xx		0ac8:301b	Z-Star zc301b
zc3xx		0ac8:303b	Vimicro 0x303b
zc3xx		0ac8:305b	Z-star Vimicro zc0305b
zc3xx		0ac8:307b	Ldlc VC302+Ov7620
vc032x		0ac8:c001	Sony embedded vimicro
vc032x		0ac8:c002	Sony embedded vimicro
spca508		0af9:0010	Hama USB Sightcam 100
spca508		0af9:0011	Hama USB Sightcam 100
sonixb		0c45:6001	Genius VideoCAM NB
sonixb		0c45:6005	Microdia Sweex Mini Webcam
sonixb		0c45:6007	Sonix sn9c101 + Tas5110D
sonixb		0c45:6009	spcaCam@120
sonixb		0c45:600d	spcaCam@120
sonixb		0c45:6011	Microdia PC Camera (SN9C102)
sonixb		0c45:6019	Generic Sonix OV7630
sonixb		0c45:6024	Generic Sonix Tas5130c
sonixb		0c45:6025	Xcam Shanga
sonixb		0c45:6028	Sonix Btc Pc380
sonixb		0c45:6029	spcaCam@150
sonixb		0c45:602c	Generic Sonix OV7630
sonixb		0c45:602d	LIC-200 LG
sonixb		0c45:602e	Genius VideoCam Messenger
sonixj		0c45:6040	Speed NVC 350K
sonixj		0c45:607c	Sonix sn9c102p Hv7131R
sonixj		0c45:60c0	Sangha Sn535
sonixj		0c45:60ec	SN9C105+MO4000
sonixj		0c45:60fb	Surfer NoName
sonixj		0c45:60fc	LG-LIC300
sonixj		0c45:612a	Avant Camera
sonixj		0c45:612c	Typhoon Rasy Cam 1.3MPix
sonixj		0c45:6130	Sonix Pccam
sonixj		0c45:6138	Sn9c120 Mo4000
sonixj		0c45:613b	Surfer SN-206
sonixj		0c45:613c	Sonix Pccam168
sunplus		0d64:0303	Sunplus FashionCam DXG
etoms		102c:6151	Qcam Sangha CIF
etoms		102c:6251	Qcam xxxxxx VGA
zc3xx		10fd:0128	Typhoon Webshot II USB 300k 0x0128
spca561		10fd:7e50	FlyCam Usb 100
zc3xx		10fd:8050	Typhoon Webshot II USB 300k
spca501		1776:501c	Arowana 300K CMOS Camera
t613		17a1:0128	T613/TAS5130A
vc032x		17ef:4802	Lenovo Vc0323+MI1310_SOC
pac207		2001:f115	D-Link DSB-C120
spca500		2899:012c	Toptro Industrial
spca508		8086:0110	Intel Easy PC Camera
spca500		8086:0630	Intel Pocket PC Camera
spca506		99fa:8988	Grandtec V.cap
spca561		abcd:cdee	Petcam

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Posted Jul 21, 2008 17:41 UTC (Mon) by Velmont (guest, #46433) [Link]

What else to say than «grrrreat»! :D Webcam works on my EeePC with Ubuntu, however, much worse
than in Xandros. Sound input doesn't work at all though. But I guess all those fixes made in
Xandros will some day find it's way into Ubuntu's kernels :-)


Posted Jul 21, 2008 18:09 UTC (Mon) by jebba (✭ supporter ✭, #4439) [Link]

FWIW eee 701 and 900 use UVC. IIRC it hit 2.6.26. Not sure about 901 and 1000 models. 


Posted Jul 22, 2008 11:04 UTC (Tue) by sylware (guest, #35259) [Link]

Linux is protected by the GNU GPL, then all the fixes made on the kernel by xandros must be
Therefore those fixes will be in debian ubuntu kernels...


Posted Jul 26, 2008 11:19 UTC (Sat) by ixs (subscriber, #47170) [Link]

The fact that the kernel is licensed under the GPL does mean that a complying party has to
publish it's code changes.

This does not mean they have to submit them to upstream even though this is often done out of
Furthermore, _nothing_ in the GPL stipulates that Debian or Ubuntu or anyone else takes some
patches from Xandros and adds them to their distribution.
Furthermore, I'd argue that Distributions like Debian and Fedora, who track upstream quite
closely, will not be applying third-party patches from Xandros.

The way of getting changes into these distributions is to submit code to upstream and work on
it until it has been merged into mainline, then the changes will trickle down to the
distributions again.


Posted Jul 21, 2008 18:26 UTC (Mon) by jwb (guest, #15467) [Link]

How many of these don't work in Windows?


Posted Jul 21, 2008 18:52 UTC (Mon) by bboissin (subscriber, #29506) [Link]

They usually are sold with a Windows XP driver. But I'd say that most of them don't run under
Vista. (Plus none of them run out of the box, I think only UVC works directly).


Posted Oct 15, 2008 21:42 UTC (Wed) by karlzt (guest, #54720) [Link]

i searched for bisoncap and didn't find it :(


Posted Oct 16, 2008 0:16 UTC (Thu) by lcostantino (guest, #54723) [Link]

Hi, bisoncap ( Bison Capture / Bison Webcam ), should be supported by gspca-m5602.
Checkout lastest version from

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