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Ubuntu, security response, and community contributions

Ubuntu, security response, and community contributions

Posted Jul 18, 2008 5:45 UTC (Fri) by oconnorcjo (guest, #2605)
Parent article: Ubuntu, security response, and community contributions

While I think that it is nice when distributions contribute to various projects and
developers, I actually WISH that more distributions had Ubuntu's philosophy of USABILITY.  I
know for example redhat has tons of developers working on making software better in general
but when I install their system, I find I have to make a ton of tweaks and some things just
don't ever play right.  It looks to me that Ubuntu developers actually spend the most time
making their FINAL PRODUCT better.  For years I had been waiting for redhat/mandrake/suse to
install a minimum list of applications that covered the spectrum of what needed doing on one
CD where everything "just worked" (including the proprietary stuff).  Then Ubuntu arrives late
on the scene and does it!!!  As far as I am concerned the only thing I want Ubuntu to do is
make a Clean/Friendly/Stable distribution.  I feel that Ubuntu is the only distribution that
understands the quote "10% of the time is to get 90% done and the other 90% of the time is to
get the last 10% done".

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Ubuntu, security response, and community contributions

Posted Jul 18, 2008 18:36 UTC (Fri) by jspaleta (subscriber, #50639) [Link]

Is Canonical working with upstream projects to get Ubuntu's specific usability improvements
incorporated upstream?

If not, do you trust Canonical's ability to be able to continue to provide the engineering
work necessary to keep those sorts of un-integrated patches separate as the upstream projects
continue to change over time?  

While Canonical most certainly has the ability to collect large downstream patches without
leading an effort to get them into the upstream projects, doing things this way may not be in
the best long term interests of the Ubuntu community of users... like yourself.  An attempt to
maintain usability enhancements as a series of downstream patches may give Canonical a
short-term competitive advantage for its own business reasons in an effort to position Ubuntu
as leading the field.  But doing so comes at a cost of long term sustainability and
maintainability that has a direct impact on the Ubuntu userbase...and no one else. Over time
those patchsets will require more and more engineering resources to maintain because of the
rate of change in upstream projects.  Engineering manpower that will not come from upstream,
and in fact will over time decrease the ability of Canonical engineers to interact with
upstream to fix the issues as the patchset becomes very large.  This should be a concern for
you as a Ubuntu user, especially if you are a Ubuntu user who plans to use the LTS edition
without paying for a support contract.


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