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Not really

Not really

Posted Jul 15, 2008 18:44 UTC (Tue) by nix (subscriber, #2304)
In reply to: Not really by mauvaisours
Parent article: SELinux and Fedora

Hah, I wish. It is *very* hard to get most people to read any 
documentation at all, generally because they don't care about SELinux (or 
any security system protecting against *potential* threats) until it 
causes problems, by which point things have already gone wrong. (If 
they're not running it they may suddenly start caring when they get 
rooted, but that, again, is too late.)

Nobody knows how to resolve this particular dilemma :(

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Not really

Posted Jul 15, 2008 19:38 UTC (Tue) by mauvaisours (guest, #6130) [Link]

I agree that nobody knows how to resolve this dilemna, but pushing a new undocumented security
model to users is certainly not the way to go.

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