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Safety features

Safety features

Posted Jul 13, 2008 10:16 UTC (Sun) by modernjazz (guest, #4185)
In reply to: Safety features by tialaramex
Parent article: SELinux and Fedora

To both jmorris42 and tialaramex: can we please keep the cross-Atlantic 
sniping out of technical discussions? Accusing the British government of 
indirectly killing children for idealogical reasons is outrageous and 
inflammatory---in addition to being wrong and grossly unfair, the 
seriousness of that charge goes so far beyond what is needed to make the 
point that it derails the whole discussion.

Similarly, blaming an "American frontier mentality" for technical 
concerns about airbags that in fact do go well beyond babies in child 
seats is misinformed and reactionary. There are indeed circumstances 
where doing something to disable the airbag on your car is the best thing 
you can do for the safety of even young/small adults.

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