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Re: Not really

Re: Not really

Posted Jul 11, 2008 16:03 UTC (Fri) by jmmc (guest, #34939)
In reply to: Not really by jschrod
Parent article: SELinux and Fedora

Also wanted to back up  dpquigl  in response to your #4 point...

At absolutely NO point have I ever encountered a response about SELinux from anyone (lists,
irc, etc) who was condescending to me or considered my inquires 'simple' or 'stupid'. I think
this comment is overly harsh in that regard.

Heck, I've learned quite a bit just in the 50+ or so comments here today - thanks again to OFE
(Our Favorite Editor, JC for even keeping this topic important, which it is, imho).

Lastly, I support SELinux 'policy ON by default'. Kudos to RedHat for being persistent on this
matter. I was trained that good policy on *NIX was always 'deny by default, allow by approved
request' from well before the SEL era...and default SEL is violating that principle ? ?

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