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w00t for exception-throwing languages

w00t for exception-throwing languages

Posted Jul 8, 2008 17:56 UTC (Tue) by leoc (subscriber, #39773)
In reply to: w00t for exception-throwing languages by walles
Parent article: TASK_KILLABLE

Some languages throw exceptions when bad stuff (like an interrupted file write) happens.

Yes, but bad programmers use those languages too, and seem to actively enjoy doing things like wrapping large amounts of logic with empty or otherwise useless exception handlers.

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w00t for exception-throwing languages

Posted Jul 10, 2008 11:02 UTC (Thu) by renox (subscriber, #23785) [Link]

That's *very* different: catching all possible case is difficult for C programmers so it's
difficult also for code review to find those missing case.

It's much more easy to catch those guilty of wrapping their code with empy catch{} and sending
them to do other things than programming.

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