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More DTrace envy

More DTrace envy

Posted Jul 7, 2008 10:26 UTC (Mon) by arafel (guest, #18557)
In reply to: More DTrace envy by bcantrill
Parent article: More DTrace envy

>but know that many of your users would like to see you embrace the 
>technology, and happen to care much more about solving their business 
>problems than about legal arguments about why it's "impossible"...

I'm sure it wasn't what you intended, but the tone of that comment makes it appear (at least
to me) like you're suggesting legal restrictions don't matter. Could you clarify that

To be honest, I'm having some difficulty with your post altogether. The suggestion that the
Linux developers are being deliberately obtuse in not integrating software which legally they
cannot integrate is, um, curious. Or do Sun not bother with such restrictions? ;-)

(Joking, I'm joking...)

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