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Deki helps Mozilla developers collaborate

Deki helps Mozilla developers collaborate

Posted Jun 19, 2008 22:20 UTC (Thu) by bronson (subscriber, #4806)
Parent article: Deki helps Mozilla developers collaborate

Is this an ad?

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Sounds like an ad

Posted Jun 20, 2008 15:49 UTC (Fri) by scripter (subscriber, #2654) [Link]

Agreed -- it sounds like an ad. I got finished reading it, and I didn't really understand what
it offers over other solutions. Take this for example:

"The polyglot can distinguish between different languages across a single system so it's no
longer necessary for IT professionals to allocate sections of a web site's infrastructure to
overcome language barriers. Instead, multiple languages are consolidated into one system and a
site's pages are then localized according to user settings."

I'm not any wiser after having read that. What is a polyglot? How do IT professionals
"allocate sections of a web site" for different languages today? What's novel about they way
they're doing it?

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