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Sometimes it is depressing

Sometimes it is depressing

Posted Jun 17, 2008 22:21 UTC (Tue) by phiggins (guest, #5605)
In reply to: Sometimes it is depressing by mikov
Parent article: Andrew Morton on kernel development

What I find far more depressing is when you've paid a company several million dollars for a
support contract and they still don't fix your bugs (I've seen this happen several times).
Every software project--free or not--has finite developer resources. Some bugs will take a
certain amount of time to fix no matter how many dollars or people are thrown at the issue.
You're making it sound like this problem only exists for Linux when I've seen it far more
often with proprietary software. The problem is fundamental and will not go away, but I've
found Linux to do a better job of handling it than anything else I've seen. It's still not
perfect, but it can't be. The only way you can be guaranteed to get your problem fixed is to
have the ability to fix it yourself. With Linux, you theoretically have that option. With
proprietary software, you don't.

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