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A summary of 2.6.26 API changes

A summary of 2.6.26 API changes

Posted Jun 12, 2008 5:59 UTC (Thu) by hharrison (guest, #39162)
Parent article: A summary of 2.6.26 API changes

There's also the new unaligned access helpers that do byteswapping if

u16 get_unaligned_le16
u32 get_unaligned_le32
u64 get_unaligned_le64
u16 get_unaligned_be16
u32 get_unaligned_be32
u64 get_unaligned_be64

Which returns a cpu-endian value from a (possibly) unaligned pointer
stored in the given endianness.

void put_unaligned_le16
void put_unaligned_le32
void put_unaligned_le64
void put_unaligned_be16
void put_unaligned_be32
void put_unaligned_be64

Which stores a cpu-endian value to a (possibly) unaligned pointer
in the given endianness.

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