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Tripping over trip points

Tripping over trip points

Posted Jun 12, 2008 5:38 UTC (Thu) by Jim_99 (guest, #52487)
In reply to: Tripping over trip points by Jim_99
Parent article: Tripping over trip points

Just as I expected, I took mine apart earlier this evening just on the off chance it was
filthy inside. I found no mythical dust or anything else out of the ordinary Dell build
inside. I'll clarify and restate that the Dell I have is the L400 and not the C400 that I
indicated in the prior reply. Regardless, when I was able to reset trip points, this notebook
operated like a Powerbook on OS X. I could keep the temperature between 47-52* C web surfing
and playing back mp3's directly from the internal hdd, while the fan maintained that range
with a minimal hit on battery life. The best I can do is, after recalibrating the battery
right now is to watch it run for a little while around 47-52* C just web surfing, no fan
noise, and after starting up the music thru Rhythymbox, the temperature just keeps climbing
with no relief from a fan until a 65* C trip point gets reached.

The notebook does operate much better after recalibrating the battery, but that takes several
hours and how long that lasts is anyone's best guess. But the calibration is a long and drawn
out "manual, performed in the bios" process. It even appears to resolve the temperature issue
momentarily. I posted about this a while back on Ubuntu's forums, even did a "how to", until
the kernel improvements (?) thwarted trip point resets. Since playing back the music and
typing the rest of this since mentioning it above, the Dell is running at 56-57* C. Still more
acceptable than the 60+ * C it ran at just last night. This and light Open Office tasks/work
are all this Dell is going to do. By today's notebook standards is an internet appliance
anyway. But in a pinch, I shouldn't have to be terrified of heat buildup and operating
temperatures for doing somthing more cpu and/or hdd intensive.

Another point of clarification, the thermal specification is indicated as 80* C for this P3
733. I indicated it as 69* C for the max core temperature. That said, this P3 might have more
overhead on heat tolerances, other cpu's don't have that luxury. Then again, when does the hdd
or other components seize for a lockup or protective shutdown. And how many of those can that
hardware handle, before they die a premature death.

and now I'm hitting 64* C. Better post this before the impending crash or lock up. So this is
entire post took about an hour to compose and relay. Sorry for taking my time but just wanted
to test the recalibration and relay the test at the same time. Hooray, the fan just came on
and that means 65* C was achieved. Temperature after a couple minutes of fan activity is back
down to 61-63* C, no where near getting me back under 50* C, which by the way was a long lost
memory of an operating temperature. The bottom of this notebook is just hot, glad it's on a
desktop and not my lap. Wow, 142-149* F operating temperature for an internet appliance
playing back music. Can I cook food on that ?

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