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Power use and Heat

Power use and Heat

Posted Jun 6, 2008 19:09 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304)
In reply to: Power use and Heat by giraffedata
Parent article: Fedora harnesses the power of idle computers with Nightlife

Central heating in towns and cities in the UK is pretty universally 
natural gas-based. Outlying regions might use oil-based heating, storage 
heaters, or stranger systems, and places with broken or very old central 
heating or bad insulation might choose to stick electrical heaters in some 
rooms. Pure house-wide electricity-based systems are unheard of (by me at 
least): even heating your water with electricity is an emergency fallback 
for when the gas or boiler goes out. (It's also pretty much a historical 
curiosity: in thirty years I've never seen a built-in electrical immersion 
heater used, but they're still widely fitted).

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