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Mark Shuttleworth on the future of Ubuntu

Mark Shuttleworth on the future of Ubuntu

Posted Jun 5, 2008 8:41 UTC (Thu) by jschrod (subscriber, #1646)
In reply to: Mark Shuttleworth on the future of Ubuntu by glynmoody
Parent article: Mark Shuttleworth on the future of Ubuntu

> The question was really about whether Ubuntu was so committed to GNOME
> that it would be implicated in any such problems

Well, that's actually a very good and interesting question. But I'll have to say that, for me,
the question came not across with that semantic. So you might have a communication problem in
your article. :-)

Concerning your 1st paragraph: For risk assessment of patent dangers, it is not relevant why a
technology is cloned. That it is cloned is all that matters. FTR, I actually think that patent
attacks against both technologies don't have any practical chance to arrive, it's more fudder
for FUD than for actual law suits. My reasons for this opinion are neither legal nor
technological, but from a business viewpoint. Patent attacks just don't make business sense
for MS, but patent FUD does. And we in the OSS community should not increase the FUD that
emanates from MS, IMHO.

But then, I live in one of those jurisdictions where software patents are (still) not allowed,
so maybe I can be more relaxed than others on the American side of the pond.

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