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Mark Shuttleworth on the future of Ubuntu

Mark Shuttleworth on the future of Ubuntu

Posted Jun 5, 2008 6:15 UTC (Thu) by kripkenstein (guest, #43281)
In reply to: Mark Shuttleworth on the future of Ubuntu by felixfix
Parent article: Mark Shuttleworth on the future of Ubuntu

Mono/GNOME and KDE/Nokia are very different, I agree, but I think not in the way you describe.

Nokia *owns* Qt, the foundation of KDE. This is a very close relationship therefore. And it
might have various consequences, for example, Nokia might decide not to allow Qt to be used to
create GPL4-licensed apps when that license comes out (speaking of which, does Qt allow AGPL
apps currently? I can't find a link). Also, Nokia might dramatically raise the cost of
programming proprietary apps in Qt, etc.

Mono has its issues (potential patent matters with Microsoft, copying another system instead
of innovating, etc.), but most of that is irrelevant to GNOME. Very few GNOME apps use Mono,
as I said elsewhere in this discussion, far more GNOME apps use Python for example. So, while
Mono is GNOME-focused (with GTK#, etc.), GNOME is not Mono-focused. Don't blame GNOME for Mono
having GNOME bindings.

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