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Getting the right kind of contributions

Getting the right kind of contributions

Posted May 29, 2008 7:38 UTC (Thu) by Wummel (subscriber, #7591)
In reply to: Getting the right kind of contributions by sbergman27
Parent article: Getting the right kind of contributions

Automatic filtering (or ranking) will help with the mail flood. Mutt has a nice scoring system, or you can resort to some procmail filter rules.

Oh, and there is always LWN highlighting and summarizing recent discussions on high-volume lists like the kernel mailing list. I miss Zack Browns Kernel news though :/

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Zack's kernel news

Posted May 30, 2008 15:08 UTC (Fri) by southey (subscriber, #9466) [Link]

Perhaps read Linux Pro magazine (

Linux Pro Magazine

Posted Jun 1, 2008 20:08 UTC (Sun) by jlokier (guest, #52227) [Link]

Thank you!  That link quickly lead me to announcement of the new list
<>, to which I am now happily subscribed.

Perhaps there was an announcement on linux-kernel.

But I burned out on linux-kernel a few years ago: simply too much traffic to have any energy
left after keeping up with it, even skimming for the bits relevant to me.  I was sad to be out
of the loop at first, but the increased energy for other things soon made up for it.  I've
always been amazed at folks who seem to keep up with linux-kernel _and_ have time/energy to
actually do kernel development.

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