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Kernel release status

The current 2.6 development kernel is 2.6.26-rc4, released on May 26. In addition to the usual fixes, there are quite a few driver updates in various areas: DRI, networking, MMC, USB, watchdog, and IDE. There is also a fix for 32-bit x86 users who have "too much memory" in their machines. "So if you had PAE enabled _and_ a recent enough CPU to have NX, but not recent enough to be 64-bit (or you were just perverse and wanted to run a 32-bit kernel despite having a chip that could do 64-bit and enough memory that you _really_ should have used a 64-bit kernel), you'd get various random program failures with SIGSEGV. It ranged from X not starting up to apparently OpenOffice not working if it did." As always, all the gory details can be found in the long-format changelog.

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