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iscsi update for 2.6.27

Subject:  iscsi update for 2.6.27
Date:  Wed, 21 May 2008 15:53:55 -0500
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These patches were made over scsi-rc-fixes but are for 2.6.27.
There are features and cleanups so this should not go into 2.6.26.
I could not make them over scsi-misc because scsi-rc-fixes (and linus's
tree) has some bug fixes that went into 2.6.26-rc3 and scsi-misc is
based on a older 2.6.26.rc.

These patches do a lot of cleanup in prepartion for braodcom, but
this batch of patches are good for iscsi_tcp and iser so I sending
them now. They include patches to do the following:
- fix the dma_mask for iser (bnx2i would have had a similar problem)
- modify libiscsi so you do not have to use a workqueue to send IO
(offload cards can send from queuecommand context), 
- merges a lot of duplicated code and structs.

This also includes from cleanup patches from Harvey Harrison. It does
include the patch from Boaz since I goofed and forgot that we were
going to cleanup the iscsi_ecdb_ahdr 260 hardcoding usage and Boaz and James
are discussing where to define that. That can go in later when Boaz is
ready and those issues are resolved.

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