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Barriers and journaling filesystems

Barriers and journaling filesystems

Posted May 23, 2008 2:29 UTC (Fri) by drag (subscriber, #31333)
In reply to: Barriers and journaling filesystems by brouhaha
Parent article: Barriers and journaling filesystems

What would be great would be to get flash manufacturers to, optionally, allow the OS to access
the flash media more directly as a MTD, which reflects the true nature of flash media.

This way Linux folks can take advantage of MTD-specific file systems that can handle wear
leveling in a very effective and open manner. (and probably get better performance, to boot)

(runnning MTD file systems on top of Block-to-MTD emulation in software on top of MTD-to-Block
emulation in hardware on top of MTD flash seems self-defeating..)

This way for the 'industrial' flash people using the flash for performance reasons on Unix
systems can get the most benefit while their Windows-using counterparts can continue to use
that stuff to speed up swap file access and application pre-caching in Vista using the block
emulation hardware.

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