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Barriers and journaling filesystems

Barriers and journaling filesystems

Posted May 22, 2008 13:35 UTC (Thu) by perrymg (subscriber, #39684)
In reply to: Barriers and journaling filesystems by perrymg
Parent article: Barriers and journaling filesystems

I do see that a Linux system crash would still cause the Journal to become corrupted, mirrored
Journal or not. Just 2 copies of a bad Journal at the point in time of the crash!

But for disk related errors, mirroring at least the Journal would seem to make sense to me.
Mirroring the whole disk would achieve the same thing, but obviously more data would have to
be mirrored.

I guess for Enterprise level users all disk would be in RAID arrays and hence their only real
fear is that of a Linux system crash.

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Barriers and journaling filesystems

Posted May 22, 2008 13:50 UTC (Thu) by perrymg (subscriber, #39684) [Link]

Sorry for the multiple posts, but this topic is fascinating and important.

If enabling barriers has a performance impact, then putting the Journal onto a separate disk
with barriers enabled (Mirrored or not), and leaving the FS data on a disk with barriers
disabled may be a short term compromise for some users?

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