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Give Debian maintainers the deserved blame

Give Debian maintainers the deserved blame

Posted May 16, 2008 1:26 UTC (Fri) by dvdeug (subscriber, #10998)
In reply to: Give Debian maintainers the deserved blame by rfunk
Parent article: Debian vulnerability has widespread effects

At least one part of the bug was that it was making Valgrind spew out warnings when trying to
debug user programs. The warnings themselves were the visible part of the bug.

He did not say "if it was ok to comment out two lines of 
code, "when debugging applications"." He asked if it was okay to comment out two lines of
code, nothing about limiting when. And even if it did help with debugging, surely the optimal
response would point out that the result would be a dangerously crippled library? A lot of
debugging systems make it out into the real world so problems can be discovered without
installing a special "debuggable" version of the program.

Kurt should have made it more clear what he was going to do with the patch, but the people
replying should have taken a better look at the patch even without that. A bad patch is not
just the fault of its creator; everyone who signs off on it also has to take some part of the

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Give Debian maintainers the deserved blame

Posted May 16, 2008 12:55 UTC (Fri) by rfunk (subscriber, #4054) [Link]

In his first line he gave the context of debugging applications.

He never gave a patch.  He pointed to a couple lines.

Nor did he give any any context to the two lines he was talking about, other than the 
#ifndef PURIFY around the second line.  The fact that he gave no context is huge for me, 
because it makes no sense to comment out lines that generate warnings without looking 
at the context of those lines.

Finally, nobody "signed off" on anything.  One guy said, "If it helps with debugging, I'm in 
favor of removing them."  That's not the same as, "sure, they're useless lines, delete 
them for production.  And then give that version to countless people to run in production 

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