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Non-Commercial announcements

European software patents via treaty?

FFII has sent out an alert warning that representatives from the U.S. and the European Union are in talks over the creation of a new patent treaty. "Parts of the proposed treaty will contain provision on software patents, and could legalise them on both sides of the Atlantic." This would certainly not be the first time that international trade treaties have been used to get around domestic democratic roadblocks.

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The GPL wins in Germany - again

Harald Welte has posted an update on the GPL-compliance case hearing held on May 8. In the end, Skype dropped all of its arguments and gave up its appeal. "This means that the previous court decision is legally binding to Skype, and we have successfully won what has probably been the most lengthy and time consuming case so far."

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OWASP sponsors application security research projects

The Open Web Application Security Project has announced the award of 31 grants to application security researchers. "The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has awarded 31 grants to promising application security researchers as part of the OWASP Summer of Code 2008. The results of all these projects will be free and open source for everyone."

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Commercial announcements

Adaptec launches new series 2 RAID controller for Linux

Adaptec has announced its new Linux-compatible entry-level Series 2 Unified Serial RAID controller family. "The Series 2 controllers eliminate the limitations of software RAID-based hardware solutions commonly found in entry-level systems, delivering a wide range of advantages for inexpensive SATA and SAS disk and tape drive systems."

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Linspire, Inc. has announced click-n-run support for the Linux Mint 4.0 operating system. ""We are excited to introduce the service to the growing Linux Mint user base," stated Larry Kettler, President & CEO of Linspire, Inc. "With we will continue to focus on offering users the best value in both software and services available in the desktop Linux marketplace.""

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NnorTuX launches NTX collaboration system

NnorTuX has announced its CentOS-based NTX collaboration system. "Open-xchange is a advanced feature rich collaboration system, that could be challenge to install. NnorTuX want to make Open-xchange available as a out of box solution for medium and small companies. NTX is distributed as a single ISO image, the ISO image include all that is needed."

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Wind River Joins the OpenSAF Foundation

The OpenSAF Foundation has announced that Wind River Systems, Inc. is their newest member. "As part of the OpenSAF project, Wind River joins other industry leaders to develop and create a reference implementation of high availability (HA) base platform middleware based on SA Forum specifications and SCOPE Alliance recommendations. Wind River will also support the efforts of its developers who choose to contribute time and expertise to accelerate the completion of the OpenSAF project."

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SourceForge has announced new OpenID functionality on the site. "OpenID is an open, decentralized, framework for digital identity that eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites. users can now log in with an OpenID and receive a corresponding identity for use at other sites that support OpenID logins."

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Zenoss announces sponsorship of Twisted

Zenoss Inc. has announced its Gold Sponsorship of the non-profit Twisted Software Foundation. ""As early as two years ago, many people still questioned the use of open source software in the enterprise," said Glyph Lefkowitz, founder of Twisted. "Forward-thinking companies like Zenoss are proving that through collaboration and community involvement open source software is not only ready for, but can excel in, an enterprise environment. The Twisted project enables companies like Zenoss to benefit from the collective input of a highly technical and savvy community." Twisted is an event-driven network-programming framework written in Python, a dynamic object-oriented programming language."

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New Books

The Book of IMAP--New from No Starch Press

No Starch Press has published the book The Book of IMAP by Peer Heinlein and Peer Hartleben.

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MySQL in a Nutshell, Second Edition--New from O'Reilly

O'Reilly has published the book MySQL in a Nutshell, Second Edition by Russell J. T. Dyer.

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Simply Rails 2--New from SitePoint

SitePoint has published the book Simply Rails 2 by Patrick Lenz.

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Education and Certification

Python Bootcamp at Big Nerd Ranch

Another Python Bootcamp will be held at Big Nerd Ranch near Atlanta, GA on June 9-13.

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Meeting Minutes

Perl 6 Design Meeting Minutes (use Perl)

The minutes from the May 6, 2008 Perl 6 Design Meeting have been published. "The Perl 6 design team met by phone on 07 May 2008. Larry, Allison, Patrick, Will, Jerry, Nicholas, Jesse, and chromatic attended."

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April PSF Board meeting minutes available

The meeting minutes are available for the April 14, 2008 Python Software Foundation Board meeting.

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Calls for Presentations

Akademy 2008 Embedded and Mobile Day - Call for Participation (KDE.News)

KDE.News has posted a call for participation for the Akademy 2008 Embedded and Mobile Day. "The EmSys research group is hosting an "Embedded and Mobile Day" at Akademy 2008, this year in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium at Campus De Nayer. We welcome you to join the presentations and panel discussions about Open Source and Open Desktop technologies in embedded systems and mobile devices on Tuesday 12 August 2008. We are looking for your contribution in the form of presentations, papers or demos..." The submission deadline is June 16.

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Upcoming Events

Linuxtag 2008 - latest information

An information update for Linuxtag 2008 has been sent out. "Please don't forget the biggest Linux event in Germany, just a few weeks away! For the second time it will be in Berlin, from 28-31.05.2008. The location is slightly differ[]ent, still at Messehalle Funkturm, but this time it's Hall7 (south instead of east last year)."

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Events: May 22, 2008 to July 21, 2008

The following event listing is taken from the Calendar.

May 19
May 23
AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop 2008 Newark, NJ, USA
May 20
May 23
PGCon 2008 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
May 21
May 22
EUSecWest 2008 London, England
May 21
May 22 Genève Genève, Switzerland
May 28
May 31
LinuxTag 2008 where .com meets .org Berlin, Germany
May 29
June 1
RailsConf 2008 Portland, OR, USA
May 29
May 30
SyScan’08 Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
May 30
May 31
eLiberatica 2008 - The benefits of Open and Free Technologies Bucharest, Romania
June 2
June 5
VON.x Europe Amsterdam, the Netherlands
June 3
June 4
Nordic Nagios Meet Stockholm, Sweden
June 6
June 7
Portuguese Perl Workshop Braga, Portugal
June 6
June 7
European Tcl/Tk User Meeting 2008 Strasbourg, France
June 9
June 13
Python Bootcamp with David Beazley Atlanta, Georgia, USA
June 10
June 15
REcon 2008 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
June 11
June 13
kvm developer's forum 2008 Napa, CA, USA
June 16
June 18
YAPC::NA 2008 Chicago, IL, USA
June 17
June 22
Liverpool Open Source City Liverpool, England
June 18
June 20
Red Hat Summit 2008 Boston, MA, USA
June 18
June 20
National Computer and Information Security Conference ACIS 2008 Bogota, Columbia
June 19
June 21
Fedora Users and Developers Conference Boston, MA, USA
June 22
June 27
2008 USENIX Annual Technical Conference Boston, MA, USA
June 23
June 24
O'Reilly Velocity Conference San Francisco, CA, USA
June 28
June 29
Rockbox Euro Devcon 2008 Berlin, Germany
July 1
July 5
Libre Software Meeting 2008 Mont-de-Marsan, France
July 3
July 4
SyScan’08 Singapore Novotel Clarke Quay, Singapore
July 3 Penguin in a Box 2008: Embedded Linux Seminar Herzelia, Israel
July 5 Open Tech 2008 London, England
July 7
July 12
EuroPython 2008 Vilnius, Lithuania
July 7
July 12
GUADEC 2008 Istanbul, Turkey
July 14
July 18
PHP 5 & PostgreSQL Bootcamp at the Big Nerd Ranch Atlanta, USA
July 18
July 20
RubyFringe Canada, Toronto
July 19 Firebird Developers Day Piracicaba-SP, Brazil
July 19
July 25
Ruby & Ruby on Rails Bootcamp at the Big Nerd Ranch Atlanta, USA
July 19
July 20
LugRadio Live 2008 - UK Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
July 20 OSCON PDXPUG Day Portland, OR, USA

If your event does not appear here, please tell us about it.

Audio and Video programs

Embedded Linux Conference videos and report

Free Electrons presents some new videos and a report from the Embedded Linux Conference. "In our report, written by Thomas Petazzoni, we tried to complement Jake Edge's excellent coverage of this event, so that readers have new things to learn. Note that we are also releasing videos from the embedded developer room from the FOSDEM conference, which took place in Brussels last February. We also have a video from Keith Packard about X driver development."

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