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RCU reviews

RCU reviews

Posted Apr 27, 2008 4:03 UTC (Sun) by ds2horner (subscriber, #13438)
In reply to: passed through dynticks by PaulMcKenney
Parent article: Integrating and Validating dynticks and Preemptable RCU

I would be honoured to pre-view the next LWN article.
However, I believe I am mostly out of my league here. 
I hope to not disappoint you.

I understand memory barriers are quite expensive (on most current machines that implement
them), so I have some suggestions for optimizations in rcu_try_flip_waitmb_needed and

And I understand mb is both read and write barrier. I plan on looking into the possibility of
using (the potentially) less expensive read (or write) barriers, if you think they may

I did not see your email anywhere on LWN - even in the new "GuestArticles index", so I will
look for your email on lkml. Having seen no other posts here, perhaps we are OK going private

Thanks again for these informative (and thought provoking) articles.

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