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Low-cost laptop program sees a key leadership defection (AP)

Here's an AP article about Walter Bender's departure from OLPC with a number of discouraging statements. "One current hang-up is whether the necessary hardware would add $7 to $12 to an XO's cost, taking the project even further away from its eventual goal of producing the machines for less than $100. Eventually, Negroponte added, Windows might be the sole operating system, and Sugar would be educational software running on top of it."

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AMD/ATi release Catalyst 8.4, adds support for new cards under Linux (ZDNet)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes about the release of the Catalyst 8.4 video driver suite in a ZDNet blog. "There more good news for Linux users. Catalyst 8.4 introduces support for the Radeon HD 3800 series (but not the Radeon HD 3870 X2 … yet), Radeon HD 3600 series, and the Radeon HD 3400 series. Also, these drivers add support for Ubuntu 8.04."

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Curl debuts its RIA features for Ubuntu Linux (ComputerWorld)

ComputerWorld reports on Curl's new support for Ubuntu. "Curl Inc. today announced support for Ubuntu Linux, which will allow desktop Ubuntu users to easily see Curl-enhanced Web content on their computers without having to manually configure a player. The rich Internet application (RIA) vendor said the Ubuntu Installer for its Curl 6.0 platform also provides tools for Web developers to create rich Internet content that will be viewable to Ubuntu users." The software is available for free download, but is commercially licensed.

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Microsoft, Novell To Sell Linux Licenses In China (InformationWeek)

InformationWeek takes a look at an extension of the Novell-Microsoft pact into Chinese markets. Both want to convert unsupported Linux users into supported users of SUSE Linux. "Mirroring the companies' partnership in the West, Microsoft will buy certificates for SUSE Linux service and support from Novell and resell them to its Chinese customers. Microsoft and Novell also said they plan to host a series of roundtable discussions with corporate chief information officers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing to promote the program."

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Linux at Work

Reliability: Unix and Linux beat Windows (heise online)

Heise online looks at a Yankee Group report on server reliability. "Yankee Group market researchers have presented the results of a study on server and operation system reliability for 2007. Compared to the previous year, annual downtime on all systems has dropped sharply – except on Windows server 2000 and 2003. With between one and two hours of downtime per year, enterprise versions of Linux all performed at a similar level; at some five hours downtime, Debian was the poorest performer. Windows Server 2000 and 2003 had downtimes of ten and nine hours per year, respectively (99.9 per cent accessibility)."

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Japan KDE Users Group Interview (KDE.News)

KDE.News has an interview with Daisuke Kameda of the Japanese KDE Users Group. "How did the Japanese KDE Users Group start? It had its beginning when Junji Takagi made a patch for operating multibyte characters such as Japanese, when Qt's version 1.x was released. Qt 1.x couldn't operate mulitibyte characters, so we couldn't use Japanese in KDE 1.x previously. After the patch was made, The Japan KDE Users' Group was launched for aggregating the information about KDE/Qt in Japan."

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Benchmarking Linux filesystems on software RAID 1 (Lone Wolves)

The Lone Wolves weblog has a report on benchmarking Linux filesystems using software RAID. "As it turns out, my (then) limited understanding of RAID and some trouble with my 3ware RAID cards meant that I had to scale back my benchmark quite a bit. I only have two disks so I was going to test RAID 1. Chunk size is not a factor when using RAID 1 so that axis was dropped from my benchmark. Then I found out that LVM (and the size of the extends it uses) are also not a factor, so I dropped another axis. And to top it off I discovered some nasty problems with 3ware 9550 RAID cards under Linux that quickly made me give up on hardware RAID."

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