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what is SPF good for ?

what is SPF good for ?

Posted Apr 10, 2008 17:10 UTC (Thu) by zlynx (subscriber, #2285)
In reply to: what is SPF good for ? by copsewood
Parent article: Backscatter increase clogs inboxes

That's another good use of it.  I don't whitelist at the mail server level so I didn't think
of it.

As for punishing people with bad setups.  Yes!

Admins are already punished for running open relays, not having reverse DNS records, firewall
blocking their sending SMTP servers and many other things.  If they publish a SPF record, it
had better be correct.

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what is SPF good for ?

Posted Apr 11, 2008 15:53 UTC (Fri) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954) [Link]

"As for punishing people with bad setups. Yes!"

If only there were some way to do that without punishing the sender and recipient of the mail more.

I have often seen instances of mail recipients rejecting my mail out of spite, based on an opinion of how the mail system should work. In every instance, the recipient would have enjoyed receiving my mail more than I would have enjoyed him receiving it. In most cases, it was a reply to an email he sent me.

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