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Backscatter increase clogs inboxes

Backscatter increase clogs inboxes

Posted Apr 10, 2008 6:45 UTC (Thu) by dcovey (guest, #51072)
Parent article: Backscatter increase clogs inboxes

SPF and DKIM have been in development for years. Both assume that an email
provider will supply a secure, authenticated relay and clients will select
the correct relay based on their 'from' domain. This hasn't happened on a
large scale yet, from what I've seen. 

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SPF etc

Posted Apr 17, 2008 7:26 UTC (Thu) by odie (guest, #738) [Link]

I run into two problems with SPF (haven't looked at DKIM).

First, I often send mail from my laptop, connected to the internet with various means. Many
networks have firewalls blocking outgoing connections to port 25, meaning I have to relay my
mail via their SMTP gateway instead of my own. I suppose I could tunnel all my outgoing mail
to my SMTP server via ssh or some such, but I have several less technical users of my domain
who also are heavy laptop users, or use my domains for personal mails when at work etc.

Secondly, I run a bunch of mailing lists. This means a lot of mail from various senders is
relayed by my server. The official solution to this is to rewrite the sender in the mail
headers, which seems like a terrible kludge. A mechanism whereby I could insert a server
signature in the headers indicating that I have OK'd the sender would be a better solution.

SPF just doesn't fit in with how SMTP works.

SPF etc

Posted Apr 17, 2008 9:11 UTC (Thu) by cras (guest, #7000) [Link]

Submission port (587, RFC 2476) helps with your first problem. It's not usually blocked by
firewalls. I wish it would get better support from clients though.

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