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Posted Mar 27, 2008 13:21 UTC (Thu) by pr1268 (subscriber, #24648)
In reply to: Python by ernstp
Parent article: Striking gold in binutils


You forgot to catch the exception of the file not opening. Where's your deadParrot() error-handling function?


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Posted Mar 27, 2008 17:46 UTC (Thu) by cwarner (guest, #47176) [Link]

How far we've come.. how far.


Posted Mar 28, 2008 1:15 UTC (Fri) by Tuxie (guest, #47191) [Link]

sorry, I had to :-)

x ="foo.txt").to_i rescue deadParrot


Posted Mar 28, 2008 16:08 UTC (Fri) by alkandratsenka (guest, #50390) [Link]

Reading whole file in memory just to parse int from it's first line is very funny :)

You'll need a longer version like this

('foo.txt') {|f| f.readline}).to_i rescue deadParrot

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