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You missed the point

You missed the point

Posted Mar 27, 2008 0:49 UTC (Thu) by epa (subscriber, #39769)
In reply to: You missed the point by sylware
Parent article: Striking gold in binutils

gcc has an extremely complex codebase.   Your argument would seem to suggest replacing it with
a simpler C compiler such as pcc, in order to reduce the total complexity of the 'system
software stack'.

Similarly you should be running Minix or another kernel that is simple enough  one person can
read and understand all the code.  And I assume you have no truck with the horribly baroque
autoconf/automake/libtool rat's nest.

From what I've read, gold is much simpler than the overly-general ld implementation it
substitutes for.  Of course, part of this simplicity is because it is written in a
higher-level language.  Often this is a worthwhile tradeoff - after all the compiler only has
to be written and debugged once.  Were this not the case, all programs would be in assembly.

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