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Cats @ Asirra

Cats @ Asirra

Posted Mar 20, 2008 20:41 UTC (Thu) by MrWim (subscriber, #47432)
Parent article: Breaking CAPTCHA

Based on the last 30 minutes I've spent looking at the cats on the Asirra I don't think the
spammers will need to provide any extra motivation to get people to solve them.

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Cats @ Asirra

Posted Mar 20, 2008 21:32 UTC (Thu) by bronson (subscriber, #4806) [Link]

That's an interesting idea...  maybe someone should combine captcha with hotornot.  "Click on
the 3 hottest people in these 8 pictures".  See, recognizing cats vs. dogs shouldn't be too
hard...  you could probably get pretty far with simple contrast / SIFT tricks.  But good luck
building a an adequate corpus to allow a computer to determine hotness!

This might also inspire people to have really long passwords.

Cats @ Asirra

Posted Mar 20, 2008 21:38 UTC (Thu) by Felix.Braun (guest, #3032) [Link]

I've been utterly unable to get past the hotornot test :-( And I assure you, I am perfectly
human. ... Or at least I thought so. Time to re-take my Voight-Kampff test ;-)

hotornot strategy

Posted Mar 20, 2008 22:40 UTC (Thu) by dark (guest, #8483) [Link]

It's easy. Choose 'female' and select the three pictures with the most skin showing; those will be the "hot" ones. A skin tone detector should pass it without difficulty :)

hotornot strategy

Posted Mar 20, 2008 23:03 UTC (Thu) by zlynx (subscriber, #2285) [Link]

No, no, that strategy will get you the very overweight females in bikinis.  

NOT hot!

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