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Posted Mar 7, 2008 1:29 UTC (Fri) by tetromino (subscriber, #33846)
In reply to: openwrt by afalko
Parent article: Authentication bypass in routers

Openwrt never used apache. The historical "White Russian" versions of openwrt (all those released before spring 2007) included a web interface that was implemented in shell script. Frankly, I would be surprised if the thing had no security issues.

However, modern "Kamikaze" releases of openwrt have no web interface at all; you configure them by ssh'ing in and editing config files, just like on a normal Linux server.

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Posted Mar 7, 2008 13:48 UTC (Fri) by jengelh (subscriber, #33263) [Link]

There is X-Wrt/webif² built ontop of OpenWRT/Kamikaze — and it uses HTTP Authentication with
cookies. All good.

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