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Authentication bypass in routers

Authentication bypass in routers

Posted Mar 6, 2008 19:20 UTC (Thu) by martinfick (subscriber, #4455)
Parent article: Authentication bypass in routers

For people using routers at home, perhaps the best advice is to make sure its administrative interface is not internet facing.

Actually, even this has a pretty bad track record of working since it is trivial to design a web page that accesses internal routers by simply guessing what there IP is (could it perhaps be Some routers allow access with the external IP from the inside, no guessing required here.

There have been many papers written about this from this simplest attacks, an html IMG tag with a src URL that includes default passwords for common routers (some routers don't even require POST, GET is enough to access them!) to javascript POST attacks to advanced java attacks which actually figure out the IP. The simple GET attacks even work with simpler "safer" browsers like links!

It really is scary how easy it is to access many of the really poorly designed mass produced home broadband routers! Change the DNS settings and: voila, almost all non-secured (ssh/ssl) connections are owned! It is very easy for an internal facing site to be accessed from the outside,

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