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Ten-year timeline part 6: almost to the present

Ten-year timeline part 6: almost to the present

Posted Mar 3, 2008 17:03 UTC (Mon) by pr1268 (subscriber, #24648)
Parent article: Ten-year timeline part 6: almost to the present

> August 26, 2004: IBM brings GPL-infringement charges against SCO. LWN fails to reproduce the posted reiser4 filesystem benchmarks, gets in trouble with Namesys.

Exactly in what kind of "trouble" did LWN get with Namesys? And besides, it's not like others were any more than "underwhelmed" by the reiser4 performance (judging by that thread here on LWN).

I hate to bring up a sore subject, but what's the current status of Reiser4 in the mainline kernel? Does anyone suppose it'll ever make it in now (given the current circumstances)? Thanks!

P.S. I was browsing the kernel source (Vanilla via make menuconfig and noticed that the help screen for ReiserFS refers to - a URL which doesn't appear to work any longer.

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Sometimes, even Jon's inflection gets lost

Posted Mar 4, 2008 16:49 UTC (Tue) by JLCdjinn (guest, #1905) [Link]

I think this is one of those cases where our dear editor decided to plant his tongue firmly in his cheek. I'm pretty sure he's referring to Hans' response to "Looking at reiser4". And finally, I once again claim that we need a sarcasm tag.

That aside, I, too, would like to know where reiser4 is going.

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