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Ten-year timeline part 6: almost to the present

Ten-year timeline part 6: almost to the present

Posted Mar 1, 2008 16:49 UTC (Sat) by jordanb (guest, #45668)
Parent article: Ten-year timeline part 6: almost to the present

Corbet -- Thank you for this series, I enjoyed it tremendously.

However, I am stunned, looking back, on the consistent slant in your coverage of the Bitkeeper
affair; your unwavering support of Larry McVoy as he grew increasingly unreasonable, up until
he pulled the rug out from under Linux, prompting you to essentially call Andrew Tridgell a
'hypocrite' (after mischaracterizing what happened with the conditional "if Tridge really did
eat babies then he's a bad bad man").

I get the sense from the articles that McVoy is a friend of yours and I can understand that it
must be difficult to keep journalistic detachment when reporting on people you know and like.
But I can't help but wonder if you, with the passage of time, now see the Bitkeeper affair as
a black mark on your otherwise superb publication?

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Ten-year timeline part 6: almost to the present

Posted Mar 2, 2008 12:12 UTC (Sun) by sveinrn (guest, #2827) [Link]

Am I right if I think the 'hypocrite' thing you mention is this?

>If BitKeeper users were violating the license under which they received the software, they
have indeed done something wrong. Every time we release code under a free license, we do so
with the expectation that the terms of that license will be respected. To treat somebody
else's license with less respect is hypocritical; if the license terms are not acceptable, do
not use the software. 

I think that LWN is balanced and reasonable here. I also think that using bitkeeper in the
first place was a brave thing for Linus to do. 

The main reason I am still reading LWN after all these years is that the editors, in my view,
are able to write balanced articles where they are able to see things from several different
perspectives. I also think that the main reason that Linux is so popular is that so many of
the Linux supporters are seen as reasonable and friendly people. (And there are lots of failed
OS'es where that is not the case.) 

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